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hard.times with Lady Phyl

The collaboration between hard.times’ unique, intricate, textured grooves, and Lady Phyl’s virtuosic vocals and soulful lyrics makes this group a noteworthy upcoming act in the world of nu-jazz/neo-soul/hip-hop.

Hailing from Victoria BC, Canada, hard.times with Lady Phyl melds rhythmic jazz with the vibe of R&B and soul music to create a sound that is unique and captivating. 


In April 2022, hard.times with Lady Phyl released the FACTOR funded ‘High with Me’; the single has accumulated over 130,000 streams and has been added to over 2500 playlists. hard.times with Lady Phyl is gearing up to release their new single, ‘YRU So Confusing’, in spring 2023.

R+ Podcast

hard.times with Lady Phyl "explores the sounds and possibilities of genres such as neo-soul, indie R&B. nu Jazz and jazztronica, and the way these styles dialogue ... is brilliant because there is no dominant (style)....each element and influence is perfectly integrated."


"This blend of neo-soul & jazz might be my favorite from the soul/r&b realm.

Kicking off similarly to Hiatus Kaiyote, then adding lush r&b-esque vocals, all topped up with subtle strings & slick guitars, and delicate, yet intriguing composition switches - this is absolutely next level."


"...their new release “YRU So Confusing” is a blissful and soulful effort that carries on the classic neo-soul tradition with a modern element."


live video for 'High with Me'

performed and recorded at The Nest recording studio in Nanaimo

Stream 'High with Me'

hard.times with Lady Phyl's debut single, 'High with Me', has accumulated over 130,000 streams and has been added to over 2500 playlists (including seven Spotify-curated playlists, and most prominently the ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist, which has over 1 million followers). It was also featured on Spotify's 'best new jazz of 2022' playlist at the end of the year.

Noteworthy Performances:

Victoria Jazzfest 2019 (attendance est. 1000)


Laketown Shakedown 2022 (attendance est. 5000)

Victoria Jazzfest 2022 (attendance est. 1000)

Nanaimo Jazzfest 2022

Grant Awards:

2020 - FACTOR Artist Development Grant

2022 - FACTOR Artist Development Grant

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